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CONDUCTING HOPE is now in many library collections including, Amherst College, Temple University, Dickinson College, The University of Texas, The University of Michigan, Ohio State Universities, Wake Forest University, Loyola Marymount University and Boston University.

Recidivism rates for prisoners have never been higher. Now the new documentary film CONDUCTING HOPE explores an inspiring solution, in the story of the East Hills Singers, the only men’s prison choir in the country to perform outside prison walls. Highlighting the extraordinary therapeutic power of music to change lives, the choir is also comprised in part by volunteer community members who serve as role models as well as former inmates who continue to sing with the choir after release. The film movingly portrays how a group of present and former prisoners, together with community volunteers, can forge a successful path back into society.


CONDUCTING HOPE is relevant for all levels of educators in departments of:

  • Music & Music Therapy
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Criminology

The film is also appropriate for:

  • Public libraries. The film entertains, inspires and has wonderful music suitable for family viewing.
  • Correctional Institutions & Conferences
  • Social Justice Programs


“‘Conducting Hope’ promotes debate about the purpose of prison and challenges students to think about more innovative and restorative alternatives to the traditional ‘lock ‘em up’ approach to criminal justice.”

Stacy Lee Burns, Professor of Sociology
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

“The redemptive power of music and singing is explored in an innovative prison program developed in Kansas. The performances are inspiring and the back-story riveting!”

Kristi Holsinger, Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology
University of Missouri-Kansas City

“’Conducting Hope’ illustrates the fact that as humans, yes we can impart hope in prisons and others in challenging contexts through the powerful medium of group singing.”

Mary L. Cohen, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Area Head, Music Education.
School of Music, University of Iowa


57 minutes
Produced and directed by Emmy award winner Margie Friedman


Finalist, Best Documentary, Kansas International Film Festival